Bedroom Roller Blinds

January 18, 2019


Top: Rio Breton Blue Bottom: Carlotta Blossom

Bedroom roller blinds are a tricky choice. Downstairs, most people play it safe with white, cream and ivory coloured blinds in their home. These blinds will stand the test of time, and very importantly, match your walls no matter what colour they’re decorated. However, when it comes to bedroom décor you have the freedom to opt for a more design conscious roller blind. It’s a welcome opportunity for many to bring personal taste to a family member’s bedroom – it’s a personal space after all.


Can I have different roller blinds in different rooms?

Yes, but be careful. In order to keep all your windows looking the same on the outside we recommend opting for either a high dim out blind or a blackout blinds. Why? Well, from the outside all your windows will look the same, with a matching finished colour and fabric. Then, as soon as you step indoors these roller blinds can have an alternative room facing pattern. Did we mention that blackout blinds provide the added benefits of privacy and they keep out early morning sunshine?! …Oh yes, you can thank us later!

Top Tip: The backing colour of blackout blinds (which faces outside) can vary from white, off-white, cream etc. Make sure to double check with your SLX Blinds Retailer that the colour on the reverse is the same across each of your fabric choices.

How Do I Choose My Bedroom Blinds?

The requirements for selecting bedroom blinds are completely different to selecting roller blinds for the rest of the house. Bedroom roller blinds are centralised on personal taste and will allow you to compliment the interior décor of your bedroom. With such a vast array of options to consider the SLX Evolution Collection of Roller & Vertical Blinds has something for all interiors.

For some inspiration check out our pattern and colour filters here on our roller blind sample page. Popular roller blinds choices that have recently been on trend are those featuring a floral theme, stripes, and textured plains. As always, there’s a design for every taste bud. Try mirror a colour that features on your curtains or painted wood furniture.

It can feel like a big commitment with endless choices on dim out, colour
spectrum’s, designs and that’s without addressing the temptations of motorisation.

Its good to play it safe when selecting your roller blinds fabric but when it comes to bedrooms a splash of pattern makes a welcome change.