Bathroom Blinds Made Simple

April 25, 2018

The bathroom is often the last room in the house to think about when it comes to interior design and creativity. They can sometimes seem cold and sterile, and are often crying out for some colour and softness within the space. One way to add some warmth to the room is to consider adding a fun but functional window blind. Of course the aim is to provide privacy and light limitation but who says bathroom blinds can’t be fun also?!

Choosing blinds for bathrooms can present a few challenges in itself, the changing humidity, the potential to become wet and at the same time they also need to give you privacy. The bathroom blinds you choose should be practical and functional but also fit within your design scheme. Depending on your style and preference it is importance to do your homework to ensure you select the right window blind for your bathroom.


PVC Roller Blind_Bathroom Blinds

Roller Blind for Bathrooms

Roller Blinds For Bathrooms:

Practical and versatile a roller blind is a very good option for your bathroom blind.

If the risk of mould and mildew is a worry, then choose a blind fabric that is treated with an anti mould treatment to inhibit the growth odour causing bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew.

SLX carry a large selection of wipe clean roller blinds, and anti mould blinds that are pre-treated with Ultra-Fresh® to offer peace of mind. Blind fabrics treated with Ultra-Fresh® contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that preserve a blind’s hygienic freshness.

Alternatively select a water resistant roller blind for your bathroom. Choose a PVC fabric like Bloom Ameille that will combat any water moisture in the room, while adding a design touch. A PVC roller blind also works as a blackout blind, making them a very versatile solution.



Vertical Blinds and Fauxwood Blinds for Bathrooms

Vertical Blinds for Bathrooms

Offering the ultimate in shading and flexibility Vertical Blinds are a very popular choice for bathrooms. The blinds can be drawn neatly to the side if the bathroom window needs to be opened. The louvres can be rotated to allow just the right amount of light into the bathroom to maintain an element of privacy.

Most of our roller blind fabrics are also available as Vertical Blinds. Try mixing and matching plain and patterned louvres to achieve a bespoke blind that really reflects your personality, and adds an extra dimension to your bathroom. Complete your vertical blind with a unique Slimline Vogue® headrail to give you the perfect finishing touch.

A PVC vertical blind is an ideal option where there is a high moisture level in the bathroom. They are easy to maintain as they can be wiped clean and are highly moisture resistant. Choose a neutral vertical blind colour like Romany Putty to suit your interior scheme or a pop of colour to brighten up the space.




Fauxwood Blinds for Bathrooms

Becoming increasingly popular in recent times, Fauxwood Blinds are a very practical choice for bathroom blinds. They give the same look as real wood, but are actually made from a high quality PVC. Therefore fauxwood blinds are at a lower risk of warping due to the excess moisture.

Bringing a classic look to your bathroom, these moisture resistant blinds are easy to clean with a simple wipe of a damn cloth. They offer great flexibility when privacy is essential in the bathroom! Create your own personal style with our selection of wood effect shades and contemporary colours, and complement the blinds with an flattering tape.


Roman Blinds for Bathrooms

bathroom blinds

Coral Tropical Roman Blind

Who doesn’t love Roman Blinds and these will definitely add a real wow factor to your bathroom. Roman Blinds can bring a soft sumptuous touch to an otherwise potentially cold looking bathroom. With roman blinds the options of colour and design are endless, with fabric designs to suit all bathroom décor whether your desired style is muted or flamboyant! Our Coral Tropical Roman blind looks fantastic in this white bright bathroom, and adds functionality and fun to the bathroom space.

Roman Blinds work well as long as there is not too much humidity in the room. They will suit if you are not going to be placing them on bathroom windows that are too close to the shower bath area. Otherwise a better solution would be a PVC roller blind or a fauxwood blind. These blind solutions are better able to cope with high moisture areas.

So there you go…..plenty of options for your bathroom window blind. While design and colour is important, do consider the humidity potential and moisture content in the room. This really needs to have a bearing on your choice of blind. Decide whether you need a waterproof bathroom blind, or anti-mould blinds. Maybe you want blinds that ideally would also need to be wipe clean and easy to maintain.

After you chose your blind type then the fun starts selecting the perfect colour and design! Bring your bathroom to life with striking, quirky and most importantly practical bathroom blinds.