Custom Made Wood Venetian Blinds

The ICONiC Collection of custom made venetian blinds offers an inspiring collection with over 70 colour options. Wood Venetian blinds simply glow with exceptional natural warmth and beauty.  An inspiring collection of bespoke wood venetian blinds in a range of stunning colours and finishes from soft whites and creams, rich vibrant tones and traditional wood colours.

The wood used in the Iconic Custom Made Venetian Blinds Collection is a variation of European Basswood, European Oak or Abachi Wood.

Wood Types

Basswood is the most common wood used in wood blind production, as it has no knots, it is light in colour and is an extremely stable wood.  Basswood slats are made of natural wood, and therefore can have some colour variations. These differences should not be seen as defects but rather traits that make each slat unique.


Oak is a hardwood with a special fibre and striking characteristics. Due to the wood fibre every slat is unique and variations in colour can occur from golden to creamy white. The slats are obtained from trees different in diameter and age. The growth of an oak tree is radial therefore the middle slats are a different fibre structure to the slats obtained from the edge. Colour differences and small knots may occur due to the natural composition of the wood.


Ayous (Abachi) is an exotic wood originating from Africa without knots and light in colour. It is a tropical wood with a porous structure and yellow in colour. Minerals, small knots and colour variations can occur due to its composition. Ayous is a light and stable wood with a compact structure, and lends itself very well to different types of finishes from staining to oils and waxes.



Wood Venetian Blinds in the Iconic Collection come in 3 slat widths.

25mm Slat Size is the smallest size with a width of 3mm. These can be used for blinds with a maximum width of 2400mm in standard with ladder string or optional ladder band. Narrow slats can be used for smaller windows to provide a classic look, and will allow more light into the room.

35mm wood blinds offer a distinct look between functionality and design. The wider slat helps to adjust the intensity of the light, and allows for a good outside view.

50mm slat width blinds are ideal in classic or modern interior design. They are the best  for larger windows, and provide a better view when the slats are in the open position.

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