Roller Blind Accessories

Create a distinctive look for your home with our beautiful selection of Roller Blind accessories. Add those special finishing touches with decorative scallops, braids, pulls, poles and eyelets to personalise your choice and co-ordinate with your interior design scheme.


Roller Blind Accessories - PullsPulls:

Using an ornate pull is an instant way to add another dimension to your roller blind. While functional in its role to raise and lower your blind, a pull is also a fun way of adding that elegant finishing touch. Our pulls come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes from the traditional acorn pulls, pear shaped pulls and crystal adorned pulls. There is a suitable pull to enhance every blind.


Placing a braid onĀ  your roller blind can at times seem an old fashioned practice, however they can be quirky and are a very easy way to add a pop of colour to your window blinds. Dress up a plain coloured blind with a bright stripy braid, or complement the blind with a co-ordinating braid of similar colour. We used a stripey chartreuse braid used in the image below, to complement the Rio Chartreuse roller blind, and pearl pear pull.

Roller Blind Accessories - Braids

Shaped Blinds:

Scallop Base Shape and Pole on Zeta Silver Roller BlindWe offer a range of base shape finishes for your roller blinds. Complete the look with a scalloped edge on the blind with 13 shaped finishes to choose from. Complement your scalloped edge blinds with a decorative pole.

We have accessorised the Zeta Silver Roller blind on the right with a Melody Silver Braid, combined with a Colannade Base Shape and finished it off with a Acrylic Ball Brushed Steel decorative pole.

It is important to bear in mind, that if you want your blinds to provide a blackout function, then having a shaped finish is not ideal, as the light will penetrate through at the bottom of the blind.

For more information on the range of roller blind accessories available, please speak to your nearest SLX Retailer.