Child Safe Blinds

May 29, 2018

Window Blinds come in an infinite range of colours, sizes and finishes. However when buying new blinds, it is important to consider how they are operated, and be confident that you are installing child safe blinds in your home. All of our SLX Window blinds are designed with safety in mind. There are a number of child safety options to choose from when selecting an SLX Blind.

By law, child safety standards are compulsory for window blind manufacture. All blinds manufactured must comply within the Child Safety Standards and must be fitted with a blind safety device.

If the current window blinds in your house have been in situ for a good number of years, it is worth reviewing and considering if there are any likely risks to safety to small children in the house.

Blind cords are dangerous and are a potential threat to little ones. Kids are typically inquisitive and love climbing of course, and unfortunately we have all heard tragic stories where window blind cords have become entangled around little children’s necks.


Child Safety Devices

Our SLX Roller Blinds are supplied with an Easybreak® connector.  Any weight applied to the chain will cause the chain to disconnect, eliminating any entanglement hazards. If disconnection occurs accidentally these are very easy to reconnect.

We supply cord tidy’s with our Vertical Blinds to ensure blind cord safety, allowing the cord/chain to be neatly and safely put out of reach within the device. A cord tidy must be fitted at a height of at least 1.5m off the floor.

Our Wood Blinds are supplied with a safety cleat. Similar to the cord tidy, the cleat allows the cords to be wrapped neatly and safely out of harms reach.

Cordless Safety Devices

child safety blindWe offer a range of child safe window blinds that are operated without cords and chains, to best suit your needs and interior.

Eliminate the need for operating chains and cords with modern and sleek motorised blinds. Our rechargeable lithium motor with remote control, or the mains powered AC Motor offers a variety of affordable solutions.

Perfect Fit Blinds are ideal if you have child safety is on your mind. With no cords or chains the blind fabric is concealed neatly within the Perfect Fit Frame.

If chains and motorised options are not for you, then your roller blinds can be operated with a Soft Spring Return.

Blind Safety Tips

It is important to keep beds and furniture away from windows if at all possible.

Keeping cords and chains out of children’s reach is highly advisable, and should be monitored at all times.

Loose cords and chains should never be tied  or looped together.

In line with legislation, all SLX operating systems are compliant with the Child Safety Requirements of BS EN13120.