Contemporary Grey Blinds

August 9, 2018

SLX Contemporary Wood Blinds (L to R) – Mira Saffron & Silver Birch Shadow

Contemporary grey blinds are a must-have in so many homes. Call it slate, call it charcoal, call it whatever you like, they’re all versions of grey and when it comes to interiors – grey is here to stay!

In general we love to keep rooms neutral because it’s safe and fashionable and works with, well. . . everything. White or cream complimented by a grey colour tone is the current trend, and we simply can’t get enough of it. But we’ll let you in on a well-known secret – people  dread committing to choosing the third colour option.  It’s impossible to settle on; will it match? Does it stand out too much? Am I going to get sick of looking at it? It’s a never ending spiral of questions! But when you start with white and grey as your base colour palette then that third colour choice will be a doddle.


Grey Roller & Roman Blinds

Creating your interior with a grey and white palette means you can pick any third colour you like. In most cases a citrus colour works best, but any colour will guarantee a trendy and timeless result. Still daunted by the task but eager to master the look? Here’s some of our top SLX grey roman and roller blinds to get your interior taste buds bubbling. . .

One of our favourites is the Silver Birch Shadow roman blind. This is an exclusive fabric from Prestigious Textiles and absolute show stopper. For an alternative try the stylish Mira Saffron roller blind. This is statement fabric and will add some personality to your room. Both designs introduce a third colour with ease and citrus colours such as yellow, wasabi green and tangerine work best.  On the other hand, if you need to keep the grey blinds plain and simple check out these sophisticated designs; Monterey Shale (roller, roman & perfect fit) , Magical Sterling (roman) or maybe Harmony Greystone (roller, vertical & perfect fit). They’re elegant, design focused and won’t dominate the room. We’ve made sure SLX will give you the perfect start when creating your new interior.

SLX Grey Blinds (clockwise)  – Collina Diamond Dust, Braemar Pebble & Magical Sterling

For more options on Roller blinds check out our blog on Double Roller Blinds if you’re looking for a little more from your contemporary grey blinds. This system of two blinds on one bracket is the perfect combination of fashion and practicality leaving you with complete light control – day or night. Or why not motorise your roller blinds for the ultimate in safety and style? Check out all the SLX advice over on our Motorised Blinds blog page to find out more.


Grey Wood Blinds

If wood blinds are your preference you’ll be delighted to hear SLX have a comprehensive selection of grey wood blinds to choose from. Whether it’s a classic Basswood, a water resistant Fauxwood or a bespoke, custom made Iconic Wood Blinds we have the complete collection. These three Wood Blind collections will caterer to all your interior wants and needs so there’s no need to worry that you won’t find the right shade. Each come with the opportunity to add a tape finish. There’s grey tapes to match or why not try a contrasting colour for that extra design edge?

At SLX Window Blinds . . . grey is here to stay!