Ready Made Blackout Curtains for Children’s Bedrooms

July 26, 2018

SLX Blackout Daytona Curtains

Ready Made Blackout Curtains are not a luxury, they’re a necessity, just ask any parent. The long bright evenings will be here for another while and children find it so hard to wind down for bedtime with the sun teasing them from outdoors. Not only that, but when you finally get them to bed the fear of their summertime 5am start kicks in. Your children are no fools. . .

 “If the sun is up, then so am I mammy!”

With the sunshine creeping through the curtains at night and at the crack of dawn, Blackout Blinds and Blackout Curtains are the only solution. At SLX we have a blackout curtain range to curtail this very problem. The Daytona Ready Made Curtains Collection is a semi plain blackout design with colourways to suit any child’s bedroom. Denim, Earth, Fuchsia, Slate, Sterling and Linen provide a full colour spectrum of options to suit any interior design scheme.


SLX Custom Made Blackout Curtains

There’s a number of sizes you can choose from 66” x 72”, 90” x 72” and 90” x 90” all of which are perfect for bedroom or playroom windows. In the past, Daytona Fuchsia and Sterling have been the most popular for little girl’s bedrooms and play rooms. Meanwhile, Denim and Sterling seem to be most popular for boy’s rooms.


Custom Made Blackout Curtains

SLX Blackout Custom Made Curtains have soared in popularity since we introduced our SLX Roman Blinds & Custom Curtains Collection. Filled with beautiful fabrics, thanks to the exclusive collaboration with our partners Prestigious Textiles, you’ll be sure to create a room of luxury. Check out our fabrics today and see our recent Custom Curtains Advice & Inspiration page for all you need to know on headings and lining options. That’s the beauty of Custom Made Curtains – they’re personally designed just for you.


If it’s Custom Made Blackout Curtains for the children you’re after, take a look at Animal Alphabet and Little Bear Vintage for some inspiration. The cute detailing and friendly illustrations are great source for bedtime stories. Find your nearest SLX Retailer today to find out more on Custom Made and Ready Made Blackout Curtains today!