Irish Cancer Society

January 3, 2018

Irish Cancer Society or the ICS has been an important charity to SLX for over ten years. With theIrish-Cancer-Society support of our retailers SLX are proud official Pink Partners of the Irish Cancer Society and Action Breast Cancer.

We know only too well that Cancer touches the lives of so many people. In Ireland Breast Cancer cases are increasing with eight women  diagnosed with breast cancer every day. More and more women and their families need cancer support services.

SLX & Action Breast Cancer

Combining our supportive work culture with a clear desire to ‘give something back’, SLX run a fund raising initiative with our retail customers that is very unique.

2% of all soft furnishing purchases and SLX window blind products are donated to the Irish Cancer Society. Our retailer customers kindly agree to support a 1% Action Breast Cancer Support levy. We then match our customer’s contributions from our own resources. To date this successful initiative has raised in excess of €271,621.

The ICS is dedicated to life saving research and also provides help and support to patients all over Ireland. The SLX Team are extremely proud to help this wonderful service with our fundraising over these past ten years.

Breast Cancer Services Stats

  • In 2016 over 2,700 enquiries were made to our Daffodil Centres from people diagnosed with breast cancer. ICS Daffodil Centres are based in 13 hospitals around the country. This allows people affected by cancer to speak directly to a Cancer Nurse and find information.
  • Over the course of 2016 the Society’s Night Nursing service provided 636 nights of care to 186 breast cancer patients. Night Nurses provide up to 10 nights of care for cancer patients who are at the end of their cancer journey – in their own home, during the last days of their life.
  • The Freephone Cancer Nurseline 1800 200 700 answered 890 enquiries from breast cancer patients in 2016. The Nurseline is staffed by Cancer Nurses and ensures confidential support to anyone affected.
  • Volunteer Drivers transported 186 breast cancer patients to their chemotherapy treatment last year. The Volunteer Driver Service operates in 21 hospitals around the country driving patients to and from their chemotherapy treatment.
  • The Society helps to fund counselling services in affiliated cancer support centres around the country. As a result, last year we funded over 2,000 counselling sessions for 454 breast cancer patients.